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Baja Padres Softball

The time has come. Led by Terry London and Len Gilbert, we are playing softball!

We are playing Saturday, June 7th, around 2:30-5:00pm at Coaches Field. Format is three, 3-inning games with Havens vs Wildwood, Havens vs Beach, and Beach vs Wildwood. Buy-in remains $30. Winning team chooses the tri-school program of their choice to get the proceeds.

So as to not make it a “race to pay” we will take checks in an envelope delivered to my porch or via mail (I’m in the directory). Drop your check by Friday the 23rd if you want to play. If we have more than 18 or so players, we’ll then draw out envelopes randomly to fill out the roster. With the expanded rosters, we are looking at about 2 or 3 innings playing time spread between the two games.

Back in black, Baja Padres are ready to play.


Camp Augusta Weekend a howling success!

A truly inspired and inspiring turn out by the Baja Padres up to Camp Augusta.  While we may all be heading to Costco for the bulk Ibuprofen, we did great work.   I’ll post pictures when they are sent to me, but I wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to lend a hand to the camp.   Every year the camp looks better and better, and this year it’s taken a giant step up.  We have such an amazing and committed group of Dads, and great fun to hang out with, to boot.  I truly enjoyed spending together, and I appreciate all the work everyone did.   A million thanks to all you who made it a great weekend.


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