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Measure E Interim Housing Issue – Sunday 11/30/2008 4:00-6:00pm

The Measure E Interim Housing Issue in Piedmont

There will be a special Beach Parent Organization meeting on Sunday 11/30 from 4-6 in the auditorium to discuss the potential placement of portables on the Beach field for the next three years. The goal of this meeting is to discuss the issue, share a list of BPO questions/issues/concerns about the proposal, seek input from the Beach community, and prepare for the 12/1 Board of Education meeting where this proposal will be discussed.  We invite all interested parties to come and discuss this with us.

Background:  As many of you know, the Measure E Bond program was passed March 7th 2006 so that the PUSD can build and retrofit school facility buildings throughout the school district. Planned construction/retrofit for the schools goes as follows: Piedmont High School and Havens during school year 2009~2010, Wildwood during school year 2010~2011 and Beach during school year 2011~2012. Schools are being done in the order of most need. While this construction is taking place, it will be necessary to relocate the students and facilities into portables.

On Tuesday November 18th the school board met to review an expanded list of possible sites for this relocation. The sites currently being considered are: Witter Baseball Field, Beach Grassy Field and tennis courts, Coaches Field, Hampton Field and Blair Park. There are advantages and disadvantage to all of these sites and picking the correct site will require trade-offs. The school district would like to have a site big enough to hold all the staff and classes of that school to keep the students and staff together and so that parents would not have to commute all over town picking up and dropping off. But with a town as small as Piedmont, there are few sites that can accommodate this. Of these options, the two most viable that seemed to percolate to the top were Beach Grassy Field and Witter Baseball Field.

The plan to put the portable buildings on Witter baseball field was met with great resistance by the Baseball Foundation and the Boosters Clubs because of its impact on the Piedmont sports program. While there were also other community groups present at the meeting voicing their opinions, these two groups came to the workshop very well organized. They are largely pushing for the buildings to be located at the Grassy Field.

For more background, we encourage you to watch the meeting proceedings.  The 11/18 meeting can be viewed on the KCOM video archive at http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/video/.

Since we at Beach just heard about this meeting the day of the meeting we feel we need to organize our concerns, questions and issues. We feel that this proposal would have significant consequences because to put all structures at the Grassy Field and the tennis courts would impact Beach school because of its use of the field through PE, Schoolmates and supervised recess for the older kids during the course of the day. It is also widely used by Piedmont Baseball Softball Foundation, Piedmont Soccer Club, La Crosse and flag football and is considered an emergency meeting point in times of disaster.

While there will be traffic, noise, congestion, inconvenience, safety issues, etc. no matter which site is chosen, we feel that it would be beneficial for the Beach community to come together  before the next Board of Education meeting, scheduled for Monday December 1st at 7:30.  Once we get organized, we can hopefully present our concerns to the Board so they can be heard and addressed.  We hope you join us on Sunday.

If you wish to email the Board of Education on this use input@pusdbond.org as this allows tallying and tracking of emails. All emails sent to this email address will be forwarded to every member of board, district, and steering committee members.

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