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Dad’s Club Softball

It’s almost here! The Dads Club rivalry continues. Saturday, June 13th, 2-5 at Coaches Field.

Beach vs Wildwood vs Havens

bat and baseball.gif

Cost: $30 to play. Limit 15 players. $10 for “fan” designation (basically, you’re supporting the cause, but not playing)

Benefits: Associated Parents Clubs of Piedmont (APCP). Basically, programs that help our kid’s schools.

When: Saturday, June 13th, 2-5pm

Where: Coaches Field

Rules: 6 inning games, Piedmont Rec Rules

What else: A chance to socialize with other Piedmont Dads (and families)

There was discussion about changing the concept, rules, etc but in the end, we want to convey a fun, family-oriented, positive message (no on-field drinking) and keep it simple. The idea is to encourage more social interaction between schools so we will set up some BBQs out in the parking lot for people to grill and bring sides to share. If someone has a line on hot dogs and sausages that could be donated or discoutned, we could sell them cheap as an additional fund raiser (did someone raise a hand??).  We will also set up some kid games such as a Wiffle ball world series, mini soccer, etc out in deep RF for the kids. If you have one of those pop-up sun shades or folding tables you can bring, please do.

Email me with your desire to play. First 15 who drop of checks (payable to BPO) are in the line up.


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