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Walk-to-School Day and Beach Garden Market

Mark you calendars – especially for Walk to School Day and the Beach Garden Market.


Thursday, April 22

It's Cool to Walk to School!

Walk to School Day: Leave your car behind today, and pull out your walking shoes, bike, skateboard, and/or hop on a carpool.  We will be taking a tally of how students arrive at school today.  In previous years, we’ve achieved a 73% rate of walking/carpooling on Walk to School Days.  Let’s beat that rate this year!  More info: movenden@sbcglobal. net
Lunchtime Green Waste/Compost Demo:  Bob Houser and Garrett Keating will be leading an activity for students about the “different stages of rot.”  Ask your children what they learned.  More info: Bob@roberthouser. com

Beach Garden Market (from 1:45-3:15 p.m., at the edible garden). For a small donation (that supports the garden) you can get seedlings for your own garden (planted by students), as well as flowers and produce from the garden.  Stop by to see what the students have been up to in the garden! More info: lisajoyce@sbcglobal .net

Two ways to make every day Earth Day:

  1. Pack no-trash lunches, using re-usable containers instead of plastic bags, wrap and tin foil.  … If you’re having trouble finding reusable lunch containers, check out www.onesmallstep. com .  For the month of April (in honor of Earth Day) 20% of your purchase will be donated to the Piedmont Schools; plus there is free delivery drop-off outside the Beach office.
  2. Walk, carpool or bike to school as many days as you can.  The emissions reductions really do add up.  Plus it’s just fun to walk – even in the rain!  You may be surprised how many of your neighbors and classmates you find out there walking too – or who are interested in carpooling on a permanent basis.
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